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Hillary Brings Out The Real Trump

​”Hillary Clinton broke Donald Trump within the first 20 minutes. I spent the rest of it wondering how big the cracks had to get for America to notice”

“He was hollow, rattled and jumbled”. 

“Hillary virtually lured Donald Trump’s sexism into the open”.

Those are but a few words of some political commentators and journalists in the US.

I corroborate and this is why…

You are confronted with an allegation of you calling a young woman piggie. And all you talk about is TV commercials.

You were sued in the 70s for not doing business with black people and your response evolved around around the fact that you weren’t the only one sued.

You said Hillary looks unpresidential, now you telling someone who has being  to 112 countries and brokered peace deals, ceasefires, nuclear deal, etc she lacks stamina?

As the Economist stated, “Those who switched on this debate thinking that Mr Trump is not qualified to be president will not have changed their minds. But what did the 10-20% of voters who tell pollsters that they are undecided, or planning to vote for a third party, see? They saw one candidate who was well-prepared and a bit rambling, and another who was downright weird”.

1-0 to Mrs Clinton.


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