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June, 2017

  • 29 June

    Muslim Ban: US sets strict rules for visa applicants

    Refugee advocacy groups have slammed the the Supreme Court ruling that partially reinstates the Muslim ban

    A leaked state department cable has outlined new criteria for visa applicants from six mainly Muslim countries as partial enforcement of Donald Trump’s travel ban is set to come into force on Thursday. Under the new guidelines, which were leaked to the press and have yet to be confirmed, new …

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  • 29 June

    What is the Qatar-GCC showdown really about? Was Trump duped? Is Qatar guilty?

    Considering his tendency to value money above principle and all else, the US president was clearly 'bribed' by his Saudi hosts during his visit to the country, writes Bishara [Reuters]

    US President Donald Trump‘s recent statements and tweets on the Middle East have puzzled US friends and foes alike by threatening further escalation of regional conflicts. Last year, he said that he would “seek harmony” in the Middle East as US commander-in-chief. But after his first visit to the region, …

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  • 25 June

    World Taekwondo Federation changes name over ‘negative connotations’


    The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has changed its name to World Taekwondo because of the “negative connotations” associated with its initials. The organisation had used the previous name since it was established in 1973. However, it felt in the “digital age” the slang of the old abbreviation was “unrelated to our organisation …

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December, 2016

  • 11 December

    Post Election Attacks A Spite To Our Democracy – Security Analyst


    Security Analyst, Adib Saani, has described the alleged post election attacks by members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as spiteful to Ghana’s democracy. Speaking on TV3 midday news, the Security Analyst contended that Ghana has earned for herself an enviable position …

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  • 7 December

    Ghana decides: Who will win, Mahama or Akufo-Addo?


    After nearly two years of strenuous political campaign and rancor, Ghanaians will today elect a new president, renewing the mandate of sitting president, John Dramani Mahama or choosing legal luminary Nana Akufo-Addo, whose campaign has centered on job creation and provision of quality education for the Ghanaian people. The winner …

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November, 2016

  • 29 November

    20 Killer Security Tips for Mobile Devices & Smartphones


    If you make use of mobile devices (smartphone or tablets), there is the need for you to take precautions when making use of the device. The fact that your mobile device is likely going to contain your personal information, soft copies of your documents, your contacts, pictures and perhaps your …

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  • 26 November

    Fidel Castro dies at 90


    Leader of Cuban revolution embraced communism, defied US for decades and lived in relative seclusion in his final years. Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader who built a communist state on the doorstep of the US, has died aged 90. Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother and current president of Cuba, announced …

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  • 18 November

    20 Personal Security Tips to Implement During Elections


    All over the world, election period is known to be a really important time. This is because of the several activities that go on during these times. Activities like the campaign tours to different states and regions of the country, as well as the radio and television advertisements, just to …

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  • 17 November

    Best Personal Protection Devices for Women


    What are the best personal protection devices for women? What are the top best self defense devices for women? Well, I suggest you read on. It is no longer news that crime is on the rise all over the world and because most victims of violent attacks are women, they …

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October, 2016

  • 19 October

    Organized Crime Has Gone Online and Hackers Are Looking at You


    ​When the SWIFT global banking network was hacked earlier this year, it was yet another wake-up call for all businesses to bring cybersystems up to secure standards. The hackers found the weak link of the SWIFT system, targeting the Bangladesh central bank and implanting malware that would go into action …

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