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Organized Crime Has Gone Online and Hackers Are Looking at You


​When the SWIFT global banking network was hacked earlier this year, it was yet another wake-up call for all businesses to bring cybersystems up to secure standards. The hackers found the weak link of the SWIFT system, targeting the Bangladesh central bank and implanting malware that would go into action …

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Rampant racism and hate crime in Scotland


Such a historical focus on education on the one hand while rampant racism and hate crime on the other is a glaring contrast indicating a disconnect between education and society. The very purpose of education — enlightenment — stands defeated in Scotland. Scotland persists with its notoriety of racism and …

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Mosul will fall again, but at great cost


​The battle for Mosul will be long and the city’s remaining 1.5 million civilians will bear the brunt. The Battle for Mosul (as it will undoubtedly be known once historians write their books) finally began in earnest in the early hours of October 17 after months of shaping operations around the capital …

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